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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

As a teacher, I bet you didn’t know you were in the CIA: Curriculum is the content, the goals and achievement expectations that will build mental muscle for learners. Instruction is the technique and form, the strategy, and the hands-on learning experiences designed to help the learner meet the goals and expectations. Assessment is the…
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Strategies for Increasing Confidence and Reducing Anxiety on Test Days

Sprinkle the desks with shamrock confetti and call them good luck charms. Sprinkle the desks with glitter and call it magic fairy dust. Give every student a lemon drop and/or simmer lemon oil in a potpourri pot (lemon essential oil promotes focus and clarity). Spritz everyone with lemon scented spray (Lemon balm is an herbal…
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Factors That Affect Behavior and Motivation

Although the quality of teacher-student relationships is one of the most influential factors affecting students’ emotional well-being, motivation, and achievement in school, relationship-building alone is not enough.  A multitude of factors affect behavior and motivation. I define motivation as the force that initiates and guides individuals to reach for and then to persevere in achieving…
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Harnessing Students’ Anticipation

Every teacher encounters school days when regular instruction is next to impossible—prior to a sports tournament or another key school activity or around the time of a holiday or a school break.  Just trying to come up with ideas to fill that time can be a challenge, but teachers also know that productivity is critical…
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