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Harnessing Students’ Anticipation

Every teacher encounters school days when regular instruction is next to impossible—prior to a sports tournament or another key school activity or around the time of a holiday or a school break.  Just trying to come up with ideas to fill that time can be a challenge, but teachers also know that productivity is critical…
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Learning Won’t Happen without Relevance and Agency

Relevance and agency are words we hear often these days in the educational arena.  Although they may seem like the new buzz words, they are not just fashionable expressions.  Learning will not happen without them.  Students are more likely to stay in school, learn, and achieve at high levels if they find the curriculum relevant…
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Why Join a Professional Organization or Association?

Ask other teachers in the building which professional organizations they have found beneficial to their teaching lives.  Every teacher should join some sort of professional organization, but not necessarily a union, for the following four reasons: Support from Other Teachers Every teacher needs a support system in place. Professional Organizations are a professional home to…
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