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The Reason for the Season Is in the Tilt

Science tells us that the season's changes are caused as the Earth, tilted on its axis, travels in a loop around the Sun each year. Because we have no control over those transitions, we humans simply adapt, often by putting on more clothes or taking them off. When I taught in the public schools, I took advantage…
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Kindness Reminders

Over the past few weeks while the winter holidays have consumed our lives, we might wonder: Why do we celebrate holidays?  Actually, that question makes a good Think About (Available at  Teachers might invite their students to pen a list.  Just as there are as many different definitions for normal as there are people…
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Recipe for Success

Around the holidays, I often think of food—perhaps because there is an abundance of food served to celebrate family gatherings or perhaps because holidays feature menu items that aren’t everyday fare—treats like cheesy potatoes, shrimp cocktail, and prime rib or peanut brittle, frosted cut-out cookies, and pecan pie. Foods also connect us to culture, so…
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Ripples in a Pond

Growing up, I remember frequent reminders to think before speaking; therefore, cautions like “be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear” resonate with me.  While teaching, I frequently reminded my high school students, “Just because an idea crosses your mind doesn’t mean it has to cross your lips.”  If anyone audaciously retorted, “I…
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