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Play and Fun Make the Learning Engine Run

One of the aspects I’ve always appreciated about Teachers’ Convention is how inspirational and practical the workshop sectionals are and how many teaching ideas are available.  While in Missoula, I learned that teachers can bring the Montana State Giant Travelling Map to their schools!  The Map idea reminds me of the game Twister with a…
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Conducting Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conducting Parent-Teacher Conferences 101 isn’t a course in teacher education classes, probably because every teacher has a unique personality and communication style and every community has its own context and culture that makes any kind of standard impossible to apply.  There is no formula to address human diversity, and working with people is messy business. …
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Designing Lessons to Build Confidence

By this time in the school year, teachers are no doubt realizing that students want and need structure and direction in their learning. When students experience success early and often, it helps build their confidence. This success depends on well-designed lessons. Because assessment guides this design, teachers focus as much as possible on the goal—on…
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Beliefs About Children

Here’s a metacognitive exercise for teachers and caregivers alike.  Make a list of beliefs you have about children and the teaching of children.  Begin by thinking you will produce a list of at least ten items, and then push yourself to think of as many more as you can.  Often when we push past what…
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