Reader Response Protocols

Reader Response Protocols

The strategies you find here will support reading comprehension because they encourage readers to think deeply, critically, and creatively about their reading.

Reader Response Protocols enable readers to play to their strengths as they share their responses to their reading. As they make sense of their literary encounters and literacy experiences, readers create and record those ideas, sharing their intellectual activities with other readers.  These can be purchased individually, as a selected collection, or as a book entitled Reader Response Ideas and Models.

The collection called Reader Response Protocols for Literature provides a selection of nineteen reader response protocols that work especially well for literary texts. Each comes with directions for building that response and a model of that response, illustrating what a response constructed in that manner looks like. Whenever I teach literature classes, I make available a three-ring binder—containing all nineteen—that students can consult for ideas to share their reading experiences.

To facilitate discussion of content area reading, select Reader Response Protocols for Content Area Reading. This collection features eighteen different prompts that reflect a value for critical thinking and knowledge production over knowledge consumption. These prompts will engage readers, honoring the experiences each individual brings to the text, and will demonstrate the unique interactions each reader experiences with a passage. While prior experiences and knowledge will guide personal understanding, the diversity of interpretations and understandings shared in discussion groups will enrich the reading process. Together, readers grapple with issues relevant to their own learning and interests while still remaining true to the text.

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