Miller’s Platform Style Indicator


Miller’s Platform Style Indicator

The following survey instrument can provide insight about individual curriculum platforms.  The goal is to recognize one’s inclinations so that decisions can come after conscious thought, not simply from personal preference or habit.  

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Miller's Platform Style Indicator

Most of us approach life with a certain style.  A comfort zone, philosophical stance, or belief system influences or motivates many of our actions and decisions.  These behaviors are so entrenched by habit and convention that we often don’t give them much thought, but to deconstruct behavior might shed considerable light into corners where bias or even unawareness lurks.

These tendencies to act may influence us at a subliminal level, so unless we bring them to light, we may never be able to give name to our actions.  Employers, curious about leadership and personality styles and wishing to build effective teams, survey potential employees to maximize efficacy.  They use measurement instruments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to identify manifestations of perception and judgment, making cognitive behavior more understandable and useful.  When it comes to curriculum development, similar sorting terms exist, and taking a survey like Miller's Platform Style Indicator can identify one’s approach to teaching others.  Such instruments do not purport to label or to evaluate but to provide feedback; they illustrate how behavior, which seems random, is actually motivated by preferences.


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